PROJECT: Opel Plant

The Opel plant Bochum was built in 1962 right after the big coal crisis in 1957 thus helped GM restructure Bochums Economy. Today after GM Intend to close the Opel plant, bochum finds itself again in a similar Situatuion with no concrete way out of it.


  • The Adam Opel car plant is the economical backbone and identity of Bochum, providing jobs for the last 50 years .
    At the end of 2014 the parent Company, General Motors, will intends to shut down the work in Bochum.
  • That allows to continued investments in its other plants, thus guaranteeing the Community industry’s survival.
    Opel already planning to found and pay for a development agency “Bochum Perspektive 2022”


  • Money is going to create a new “job and technology incubator”, which engages innovators and local leaders to help seattle down,
    This project is supposed to fight back an up-coming local economic crisis.


  • Over 3.200 labour skilled in metall work.
  • Opel provides 1.6 million squaremeter property.
    Bochum assures a high quality location which is perfectly connected to leading business cities in North Rhine-Westphalia.


  • Opel plan to give their property back to bochum for free and make the land “ready for building”, also creating a new concept to restructuring Bochums economy.
  • The main shareholder of “Bochum Perspektive 2022” will be the city Bochum with 51% and the other 49% are kept by Opel.
    Bochum has clearly stated they require a huge increase of labour supply thus eliminating logistic compaies.


  • Founding, payments, cocepts and organisation for “Bochum Perspektive 2022” will be provided by Opel.
    For this to be accomplished, both parties need to sign the contract about the project in mid December 2013. Effect
  • Right now no one can determine how bad it will hit Bochum .
    Up until now approximately 40.000 anacillary jobs have been affected.
  • The citizen s and the leading party are very sceptical of how much “Bochum Perspektive 2022” can make up for it.


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