PROJECT: Grand Lyon

Lyon has made a big effort over the past 10 years to enhance and develop especially new and existing green public spaces within the city and provide greater socio-cultural benefits for the densely-populated adjacent communities. Despite financial constraints the city is one of few to increase budget for open spaces and an extensive and efficient public transport network.


  • The city of Lyon was continuously faced with a well known recurring metropolitan problem, traffic congestion.
  • It was concerned this would have a negative impact on the mobility, local economy and environment due to high Co2 emissions affecting the quality of life.
  • Outskirts were loosing track, social problems increasing


  • Strengthen the competitiveness and attraction of the region.
  • Boost employment in the steadily-growing economy.
  • Build up a city network to improve the public transport, promote cycling and reduce the proportion of private car use.
  • Facilitate collaboration between different scales and stakeholders


  • Central location in France and Europe, proximity to Switzerland & Germany.
  • Second largest Conurbation in France
  • Lyon was granted 800 million euro by the European Investment Bank to fulfill this project.
  • Rich architectural and urban heritage
  • Scenic location at the confluence of Saone and Rhone.


  • "Re-building the City on itself"
  • strengthening of environmental and infrastructural connections
  • articulate clear scales of action: from strategy for the development of the metropolitan area (Masterplan/Schema Directeur) to urban plan ad specific projects for parts of the city.
  • Re-integrate a new public transport and road network at a metropolitan scale.
  • Provide high quality developments in the city centre for open leisure spaces and public transport, despite current financial constraints.
  • Collaboration with national government, individual municipalities, public housing bodies, private sector, inhabitants and designers.
  • Partial instruments such as Plan Lumiere, Plan Vert, Plan Bleu etc.


  • In 1992, the concept of The Grand Lyon development is created.
  • revitalisation of public space in the historical centre and in suburban housing districts
  • enhancement of urban landscape and reinforcing local character through promotion of heritage
  • develop poles of urban and economic development at the access points of denser parts of the conurbation along two main lines, Arc des fleuves and Axe est-ouest.
  • internal and external restructuring of dwellings and public spaces in socially sensitive areas


  • Lyons has a number of excellent major development projects underway, completed and open for consideration, most notably the conversion of the former industrial site Lyon Confluence
  • Following huge investment in the project, Lyon has developed an extensive and efficient public transport network including city trams and a high-speed direct airport link ‘RhôneExpress’, that facilitates easy access to the entire city from every community in Lyon.
  • Lyon is firmly established as alternative business location to the expensive an crowded Paris.
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Project info




1992 - Present


Lyon has a number of excellent major development projects, completed, underway and planned in this past twenty years, which it has managed to successfully root in the context of its cultural and geo-economic history.


Lyon, France


The process of urban renewal which has taken place in Lyon in the last ten years can be assumed as exemplary of a more general transformation in planning instruments occurred in Europe since the eighties.




Urban Community of Lyon, European Investment Bank

Lyon before

Lyon After

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