Available for download now, Workbook III: Rhinecon

A research conducted by Ronald Wall, with an introduction by Frank van Oort.

As with the previous workbooks this study aims to explore how to strengthen the economic resilience of the Rhine region in relation to other parts of Europe and the world. In this way core periphery relationships between economics and spatial development are explored.

The workbook consists of two parts. The first part will focus on a descriptive research on Foreign direct investment (FDI). The second part of the workbook will focus on a more explanatory analysis on the spatial indicators of this research.

Where the first part of the workbook descriptively explores the inward and outward structure of FDI into Rhine Core and its sub-cores, the proposition of the second part is that FDI does not randomly locate in regions and cities, but is attracted by specific determinants.

You can download a (low resolution) PDF of Workbook III, please contact us if you're interested in a higher resolution version.

Also added is a PDF of the presentation held by Ronald Wall on may 2nd 2015


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