DOWNLOAD: Beyond Plan B Workbooks I - V

Available for download now, all Beyond Plan B Workbooks!

We are pleased to present to you the five Beyond Plan B Workbooks. Currently we are working on a 'best of' of all workbooks - called "Essentials" - that will summarise the research done over the last 2 years of Beyond Plan B. We will keep you posted!

Workbook I  ‘Project-Analysis’ - summarizes our research into projects and strategies with a spatial impact which were initialized to improve the position and resilience of regions.

Workbook II ‘Core & Periphery’ contents a first reflection on the conditions of being a core or a periphery in europe. The workbook investigates the socio-economic position of the rhine-regions.

Workbook III 'Rhinecon' aims to explore how to strengthen the economic resilience of the Rhine region in relation to other parts of Europe and the world. In this way core periphery relationships between economics and spatial development are explored.

Workbook IV ‘Regions’ summarises our research into the challenges regions operating in our research area are facing and dealing with. 

Workbook V 'Project Conclusions' continues where workbook I ended. The research method as presented in the first beyond plan B workbook is further developed. 

You can download a (low resolution) PDF of each of the workbooks from this website, please contact us if you're interested in a higher resolution version.

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